The Icelandic Aluminum cluster was established on June 29, 2015 as a result of a two day policy meeting where stakeholders from industry, academia and government came together to discuss future direction for the aluminum industry in Iceland and related sectors. Many of these stakeholders came together to form the Aluminum Cluster and the cluster members are listed here. These companies have in common that their work in some way connects to the aluminum industry. This makes for a very diverse group of cluster members and our founding members include  engineering companies, tech companies, non-ferrous metals, shipping companies, contracting companies, financial institutions, research and educational institutions, as well as three smelters in Iceland. 


The clusters main goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of the sector and the value chain around the industry in Iceland.  The cluster is intended to channel ideas, needs, communication and innovation within the sector. Furthermore the aluminum cluster is to be a forum where you can to express ideas or projects and call for solutions. 

Guðbjörg Hrönn Óskarsdóttir  is the cluster manager, for more information please contact her: